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5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Glasses With Advanced Eye Care

Online shopping is a popular pastime and a great way to find deals on just about everything. But just because you can buy something, should you? Probably not. There are several drawbacks to getting your glasses online.

Getting Accurate Results

One of the primary jobs of your optometrist is to make sure your glasses are made right the first time. They take accurate measurements of your chosen lenses and your line of sight. This is especially true if you need bifocals or trifocals. These allow you to see different distances with one pair of glasses, for example, reading and watching TV or using your computer. If these distances aren’t measured correctly, your glasses can’t do their job. When you order online, there’s no way for the eyeglass makers to know where you need these areas of focus to be. Estimates just aren’t good enough.

Picking the Right Frames

Getting to try frames on is one of the most important reasons to shop for your glasses locally. When you shop for glasses online, you are relying on two-dimensional images of frames. Some companies allow you to upload a photo of yourself and then superimpose frames over it. While this gives you a general idea of how they’ll look, you don’t get the full picture. In your local optometry store, you can try on as many frames as you want. You get to see what they look like from different angles, how the size of the lenses frames your face and how they look in different lighting.

Proper Fit

Your eyeglasses can’t help you if they don’t stay in place. An optician often makes several adjustments to the ear and nose pieces when you pick up your completed pair. While you can send an online company the measurements of your current pair, they can’t take into account how the new pair will fit your face. It’s best to leave these issues to the local professionals.

Aftermarket Service

Let’s face it, life happens, and it happens to your glasses. They get stepped on, they bend when you leave them in your pocket and sit on them. Sometimes they need a total replacement, but sometimes all they need is a good adjustment and straightening. This isn’t something you want to try to do yourself. Professionals have the equipment needed to do the job right, right nearby. You can’t afford to send your glasses out to have them fixed.

And What About the Children?

All of the above concerns, with the possible exception of bifocals, are magnified when you apply them to children. They grow super-fast, as your clothing and shoe budget proves. This means that over the life of their glasses, they will need adjusting to accommodate their growth. Kids are also harder on their glasses than adults, in general. When they rely on their eyewear to read or see the board in school, you don’t have time to mail them out to get fixed or adjusted.

While you might like the convenience of shopping online, some things really are better purchased in person, and glasses are certainly one of them. The personal service you receive from your local eye care professional is invaluable.