Baby Eye Exams | 5 Signs Your Child May Not Be Seeing Clearly

5 Signs Your Child May Not Be Seeing Clearly

As a parent, you may notice your child is struggling with a problem, but children aren’t always able to tell you what’s wrong. That can leave even the best of parents unsure of how to help. 
If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, it is likely a sign that he/she is having difficulty seeing. Here are five signs that your child is not able to see clearly.

1. Squinting

Squinting is an attempt to bring blurry objects into focus. It is an attempt to compensate for some visual difficulty. This is probably the most recognizable clue that your child is having difficulty seeing.

2. Tilting the Head

Some eye problems result in double vision when objects are looked at from a particular angle. Your child may start tilting his head when looking at things in an effort to bring his vision into alignment.

3. Covering One Eye

If your child has blurry vision in one eye or if there is a lack of alignment between the two eyes, you may notice your child covering one eye.

4. Getting Too Close

If your child has difficulty seeing a book or TV screen from an adequate distance, you may find him leaning ever closer in order to see.

5. Difficulty in School

When your child is unable to see school work, he/she may find it less engaging and may lose focus. Likewise, if your child can’t see, you may find him/her struggling to read. Try a simple eye exam to correct vision issues.
When a child is having difficulties, it can be difficult for parents as well. It’s natural to want to help your child even if you do not know how. If your child is having difficulty seeing clearly, he/she may exhibit one or more of these five signs. Advanced Eye Care is a family practice especially suited to meet your family’s eye care needs. We would love to help your child.
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