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Aaron Stephenson, OD

Aaron Stephenson, OD

Aaron Stephenson, OD


About Dr. Stephenson

Dr. Stephenson grew up in Lubbock, Texas surrounded by a loving and caring family.  Early in his life, he was influenced by the example of his father, Kenneth Stephenson, M.D., to pursue a career helping the medical needs of others.  During high school, Dr. Stephenson participated and excelled in academics and athletics. He then furthered his athletic career by playing basketball for Lubbock Christian University for 4 years.  It was during his time at LCU that he continued his success by being honored as “Mr. LCU” and making the Academic All-Conference basketball team.  It was also at LCU that he met his future wife, Amy, through their mutual involvement in LCU’s Student Athletic Advisory Committee and their science courses.  Dr. Stephenson graduated Magna Cum Laude at LCU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Dr. Stephenson went on to attend the University of Houston College of Optometry and received his Doctorate of Optometry in May of 2018.  After graduation, he chose to further his education by completing his Optometric Residency in ocular disease/pathology and pre/post operative care at the Eye Center of Texas in Houston.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Stephenson and his wife, Amy Stephenson, D.D.S, visited our town of Canyon and decided it felt like home.  In August of 2019, Amy began practicing with the Dental Group of Amarillo and will soon be practicing in the new Canyon office location.

Dr. Stephenson and his wife are excited to immerse themselves in our community.  They are already actively serving with their church.  In his spare time, Dr. Stephenson loves spending time with his beautiful wife, with family and friends, and with his cousin on the ranch. He also enjoys any and all outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking and snowboarding. While at home, Dr. Stephenson has taken up the art of leather work.  They also enjoy spending time with their dogs, Roscoe and Boudreaux.

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