Jack C. Thomas, OD, FAAO - Advanced Eye Care
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Jack C. Thomas, OD, FAAO

Jack C. Thomas, OD, FAAO

Jack C. Thomas, OD, FAAO


About Dr. Thomas

Kind and knowledgeable, Dr. Thomas always has a way of putting his patients at ease.  He returned to the Texas Panhandle to join the practice at Advanced Eye Care after completing his training at the University of Houston and Eye Center of Texas.  His interests include specialty contact lenses for irregular and diseased corneas, including keratoconus.  He is residency trained in ocular disease and is an optometric glaucoma specialist.  He sees patients of all ages, including infants and young children.  Outside of the office, Dr. Thomas enjoys photography, mountain sports, and spending time with his wife Vanessa and daughters Ruby and Piper.  He also serves on the Amarillo Children's Home Board of Trustees as well as the Panhandle PBS Advisory Council.

Texas Tech University, 2006
UH College of Optometry, 2010
 Weston Pettey Presidential Endowed Scholar
 University of Houston Graduate Endowed Fellow
Eye Center of Texas, 2011
American Academy of Optometry, 2012

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