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Advanced Eye Care Dumas


224 E. 7th St.
Dumas, TX 79029

Office Hours

Monday – Friday:9:00 – 5:00
Saturday – Sunday:CLOSED


Phone: (806) 935-7773
Fax: (806) 935-7972

Advanced Eye Care is committed to making sure Dumas residents get the top-notch eye care services they deserve. Whether you need medical attention for your ocular health or it’s simply time for your eye exam, we’ll work with you to make sure your vision is taken care of.

Below, you’ll learn more about who we are: the services we offer, why we’re Dumas’s eye care clinic of choice, and more.

When Do I Need to Visit an Optometrist’s Office?

Along with regular eye exams, there are some issues which may serve as a clear warning sign for vision problems.

Most of these clearly point to the need for eye care services: blurry vision, double vision, having trouble seeing distant objects, glare with night driving, difficulty seeing the words on a page, and so on. Headaches are a less obvious sign that you may need to book a visit with an eye doctor.

The urgency of an appointment will vary based on the symptoms you’re facing as well as your medical and family history. However, it’s always better to schedule an appointment earlier rather than later.

The longer eye issues persist without examination and treatment, the more damage they can end up doing to your vision.

What Services Do You Offer At Your Dumas Eye Care Facility?

We’re a full service eye care clinic, which means we can help you with a variety of different ocular issues you may be having.

Eye exams are one of our most common services, as it’s important for people to get them no less than once every other year. We often recommend yearly visits, as this allows us to catch most problems before your vision deteriorates significantly.

People who are at higher risk for eye problems — diabetics, seniors and individuals with a history of ocular issues — are especially advised to get eye exams at least once a year.

Along with these exams, we can also help you find the glasses or contacts that can help you fix some vision problems while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Individuals with ocular problems that can’t be solved with glasses or contacts may need medical services. There are a variety of different problems that can be treated this way: dry eyes, cataracts, eye infections (such as pink eye or red eye), flashes, floaters, glaucoma, keratoconus, and macular degeneration are all potential medical eye issues. If you need foreign body removal, we’re equipped and trained to help you. Diabetic patients in particular often need extra care.

Alternatively, some problems are best solved through vision therapy. In this case, we’ll discuss a treatment program to help you improve your ocular skills and control.

Need Eye Care in Dumas, Texas?

If so, we’re here to help. Our Dumas location can be found on E 7th Street, across the street from Evelyn Theater.

We’ve been helping Texas residents get the eye care they need for over 70 years, which means we must be doing something right! If you’re ready to book an appointment or you’d like to learn more about our services, you can reach out to us by calling (806) 655-7748 or by contacting us online.