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How to Clean Your Lenses

Your lenses take care of you in a sense, allowing you to see the world more clearly. Do you know how to take care of them?

In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about cleaning your lenses: this means explaining the proper care techniques for both your glasses and your contact lenses. By the end, you should be well prepared to extend the longevity of your lenses, which will also extend the longevity of your visual comfort.

Taking Care of Glasses

It’s important to clean your glasses regularly, as dirty lenses can put strain on your eyes. We recommend cleaning the lenses at least once a day, or whenever you see a noticeable difference.

One of the biggest things you can do to prevent your glasses from scratching is cleaning them properly. This means using a microfibre cloth that’s designed to smoothly wipe away any dirt or dust without damaging the actual glass.

If you’d prefer, you can also use a drop of dish soap and run your glasses under water from the sink. When wiping them, you should use cloth that’s been cleaned recently.

While many people do it, you should not clean your glasses with your shirt. That’s because the shirt is likely to have accumulated dust throughout the day, which means it’s more likely to scratch the lenses. The texture of paper towels and napkins also makes them unsuitable for cleaning your glasses.  Once a lens is scratched, very little can be done to repair it, unfortunately – the best solution is prevention.

Taking Care of Contact Lenses

When taking care of your contacts, hygiene is of the utmost importance. This means you’ll regularly want to take them out and clean them in order to prevent getting an eye infection.

How often you need to take them out will vary based on the types of contact lenses you’ve purchased, but you should make sure to keep them in contact lens solution. Make sure not to re-use the same solution multiple times, as this won’t clean the lenses as effectively.  Each day when you put your contacts in your eye, it’s a good habit to dump out the used solution and leave the case open to dry. This helps maintain a sterile environment for your lenses.

Generally speaking, you can tell if your contact lenses are damaged or have buildup of mucus or proteins if they’re causing irritation. This can include anything from eye pain to unusual tear production. It’s dangerous to wear contacts if they’ve been damaged, because they can scratch your cornea.

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