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Transition Lenses FAQ

Transition lenses are a convenient all-in-one option for people who don’t want to buy both sunglasses and indoor eyewear. When you’re not in the sun, they function the same as regular glasses, allowing you to see more clearly.

When outside, though, they ‘transition’ into sunglasses. Along with providing comfort and preventing squinting, transition lenses can also block out UV rays.

Below, you’ll learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about transition lenses. This includes letting you know whether you need both transitions and sunglasses, how long these lenses last, whether they can be worn at night, and more.

Can Transition Lenses Replace Sunglasses?

Transition lenses may be able to replace sunglasses, depending on what you use sunglasses for. Transitions block out the harmful UV rays that damage your eyes over time, so they’re great if you’re on the go and want to protect your vision.

If you’re out in the sun all day — such as if you regularly go fishing — you may want to buy a pair of sunglasses. Because they’re more specialized, a pair of polarized sunglasses can help provide the sharper vision you need.  Another consideration is use in the car – because the special glass used for car windshields blocks UV light, it also blocks the trigger for transition lenses to change.  So, you’d need a pair of regular sunglasses for use with driving.

How Long Will Transition Lenses Last?

Generally speaking, transition lenses tend to last as long as a prescription. This means you should expect them to be good for three years. If there are any factors influencing the lifespan of your transition lenses, your eye care expert will let you know.

Can You Wear Transition Lenses At Night?

You can wear transition lenses at night, but whether or not they’re suitable for night driving will vary depending on the brand you buy. If you plan to drive with transition lenses, speak with an optometrist to determine which brand is right for you.

Can You Get Transition Coating On Existing Glasses?

No, we can’t add transition tinting to existing glasses. Instead, the transition lenses need to be created for you.

Do Transition Lenses Cause Eye Damage?

Some people wonder if the transitioning process can cause damage to the eyes. The answer is no: it’s the same as putting on or taking off sunglasses. Your iris responds to the amount of light that it’s taking in.

This means that while the glasses fade from dark to clear, or vice versa, you should only be taking in the level of light that your eyes need to see properly.

Are Transition Lenses Good For Computer Work?

Yes, transition lenses can block out blue light, helping to reduce the eye strain that comes from staring at computer screens.

Want Transition Lenses?

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